Karibu – Welcome

My eyes are stinging as I wrote this post. I am still adjusting to the different time zone and as I head to bed, I know a lot of you back home will be getting up in only a few hours. I wanted this post to be about what I noticed and observed about a country, which seems to be stuck between two worlds.

So far I have seen:

  • Hundreds of people walking to work, walking on the highway, walking to the next town, just walking. Imagine a freeway back home with people walking on either side, on the middle strip, coming out from little huts, mountains and bushes.
  • People sitting or sleeping on the side of the road…just relaxing or hanging out.
  • Lots of huts built with scrap materials as shops or homes.
  • Advertisements in English for Coca Cola, Panadol Extra, pizza and chewing gum.
  • A funeral home promising best refrigeration.
  • Two donkeys pulling a cart on the highway.
  • Many police stops with spikes across the road, who I am told, are easily bribed.
  • Many officers with large rifles.
  • Buses with sky-high piles of furniture – then one of them going under a bridge and damaging the mattress.
  • Lots of donkeys, ducks, turkeys, sheep, cows and goats just hanging out everywhere.
  • Zebras grazing.
  • A giant crater.
  • A lake full of hippos (note did not see any hippos).
  • Lots and lots of smiling, happy, excited children.

I also experienced the use of the public washrooms (toilets). After walking out of one because there was no toilet paper, and at first thinking I may have to squat in the low, ground bowl, (which didn’t bother me, but the lack of toilet paper did), I learned that I must always keep 10 shillings with me to purchase my toilet paper as I enter. That’s why the woman was sitting out the front selling ‘napkins.’ Very funny moment.

And a final note, I loved being told by a bright young lad who I will call J, that spending $30 for a Lorna Jane water bottle is ridiculous!

Short and sweet for today, but I will let the photos do the talking.

Gave me the biggest cuddle when we met

Gave me the biggest cuddle when we met

Denzel Washington aka Hezron my fabulous driver

Opening letters from their sponsers


About Anne Lane

A long time ago I dreamed about being a writer. I was seven. I wrote my first short story about a loved family horse which died. I began writing poetry for family members, including one for my grandfather who passed away suddenly when I was eight. I read it at his funeral. Since those many moons ago, I continued to write for myself; songs, journals, poems, essays. My writing was filled with thoughts and musings constantly shifting from dark and angry to whimsical and romantic, to wonderings about the world: life, death, love, spirituality, pain, family. My blog doesn't have a specific theme...it is a work in progress. I suppose my aim is to have a play with writing, get my thoughts, ideas and feeling out there and explore the world, people and thoughts. I hope I make you feel, think, laugh, cry and spur you on to peel your onion.
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2 Responses to Karibu – Welcome

  1. Kay Landgren says:

    Love your writing. The small details make me feel like I’m walking along too.


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